We believe the way people see and relate to work is changing. Old paradigms are giving way to concepts such as autonomy, connection and purpose. And this change won’t go any slower, it will only go faster and faster from now on.

That’s why we created Officeless. It’s Startaê’s branch devoted to talking about the kind of relationship to work that we believe in. We will share our culture, habits, processes, techniques, tools and how we’ve created a company that can operate from anywhere in the world. All that through videos, blog posts and some other surprises are still yet to come.

The content is in portuguese only for now. Just this time we will favor our home country a little bit. But don’t lose hope, because our plan is to share our thoughts globally. Wait for it. Or maybe take this opportunity to learn a new language? Well, it doesn’t hurt to try! :)

The way people relate to work is changing. Change yours too.

Be officeless!

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