Makers gonna make.

We are a group of multi-skilled individuals who are entrepreneurial by nature and live to make digital products and services that people love to use.

Our core values

  • Simplicity.

    We dream of a world where things just work. People are so used to bureaucracy and bad customer services that sometimes they forget it doesn’t have to be the way it is. At Startaê, we work really hard to keep things simple. From contract papers to the products we design. As Steve Jobs would say: “Simple can be harder than complex” and, in fact, it is. But it’s worth it.

  • Human.

    We don’t design for browsers, tablets and smartphones. We design for those who love to use them. Each screen we draw, each line of code we write, is thinking about how we can improve people’s lives. The common error today is that questions of efficiency usually are viewed from the technical or profit standpoint. We believe people come first, always, period.

  • Transparency.

    For us, communication is key. Everything about our company finances, roadmaps and goals are shared openly within our team. This same principle extends to the work we do with clients. With daily conversations, we always keep you involved in the progress of your project.

  • Flexibility.

    We offer flexible working hours and the ability to work from any location in the world. We created the company we dreamed of working at. A place where people trust each other and take care of each other. No micro-management, just good work and happiness.

  • Healtholic.

    Although we love what we do and enjoy being with our co-workers, we think that taking care of family and health are crucial for a great life balance. We encourage each one of the company to keep their bodies as active as their brains, eat well and spend time with their families. We strive ourselves to create an environment where working long hours per day is not required.

  • Kaizen.

    A Japanese word that means "Change for Better". It’s a philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, and any other activity or process. We are constantly looking for new things to learn and apply to our work and our lives. We don’t believe people can change themselves overnight, but we truly believe that we can make ourselves 1% better every day.

We empower positive change
We believe great ideas improve lives and make our world more human, simpler and happier. Inside each person there is an essence, a blaze that can be activated. Our purpose is to be the ignition, the start, the beginning of this revolution that starts inside of each one.
Let’s start now and make a difference?

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