Recently we had the chance of experimenting a new idea here at Startaê. In order to provide assets for a sales presentation, our Biz Dev team came up with the idea of actually making a one day prototype for a client. This way, in the follow-up meeting, we could present some actual work and could show him our approach to this challenge.

We don’t have the luxury of having a team available for doing that all the time, as almost the whole team is usually on a project. But this time, we had this gap in our agenda, so we decided to give it a go.

The challenge we had, was to design a new brand and a landing page for a product in the financial market. Their current website dated back to the early 2000’s, so it was very outdated.

The time constraint wouldn’t allow us to bring the perfect solution, but as this was already expected, we wanted to make the most we could in one day. Without overthinking, we gathered a team of four multi-skilled people in our team to tackle this challenge.

We divided it into two areas: branding and landing page design.

The Branding

The branding team was responsible for creating the brand, making the logo, and investigating to some extent what was the idea behind this brand. We even came up with a template for this kind of research.

Landing Page

The landing page team on the other hand was responsible for understanding the product, architecturing the information and making the first wireframe.

We know the branding and the design are complementary, but the challenge of having only one day forced us to make this split.

The results were incredible

The constraint we had made us simplify our process, so that we could accomplish our goals. While sometimes in real projects we have long feedback sessions and make multiple versions until we get to the final result, this time we only had one shot and had to be more confident and even a little greedy.

The whole team was very excited to be part of this, as these experimentations makes us think out of the box. It was a nice lab to try out new ideas and design concepts. We are definitely going to try this again in the future.