• Client: Evino
  • What we did: UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Mobile App Design
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil
  • See the project:

The challenge: How can we make wine popular and accessible in Brazil?

The wine industry in Brazil is still a niche market, often focused on people at an older age and that are part of elite social groups. Evino embraced the mission of making the wine experience accessible to more people, innovating to make wine the go to drink of anyone. Evino wanted to bring a friendly approach to present the wine selection and break the barrier people usually have when first entering the wine world. Their goal was also to make the brand clearer across the channels. Evino invited us to work on this challenge together and we couldn’t be happier. That’s when we came aboard.

Helping Evino to improve the UX and UI of the iPhone App

We started our first challenge by reimagining the experience for the iPhone App. We worked on the main screens of the application, the storefront and the wine catalog where we suggested several improvements on the User Experience and User Interface.

Since the beginning, we brought potential and current Evino’s customers close to the process. Once the iterations of mockups and prototypes were ready, we started running user tests to get helpful feedback from them. And of course, we also ran tests on every iteration internally, with both Evino’s and Startaê’s team.

As a result, we got an improved storefront, highlighting the campaigns. On the app catalog, we displayed kits and single wine bottles as well as featured products without an overload of information.

The website redesign. Going deep into the discovery process

After getting great results on the iPhone App, it was time to embrace the next challenge. Redesign Evino’s website with a completely new user experience.

At the time, the Brazilian wine industry was steadily growing. Mapping the market in collaboration with the Evino’s Product team, we understood the real scenario and also the main trends around wine commerce. We got a deep understanding from people inside the company, interviewing them so we could see the product as a whole.

The product vision behind the scenes

Talking and working collaboratively with Evino’s team was crucial to understand the company and product’s vision. We went to Evino’s Headquarters and interviewed the heads of several departments. We heard the perspective of the founders, investors, product managers, customer service, sommeliers, marketing analysts and engineers on the challenges they were facing.

Prototyping is a must

We love to approach design process as a constant iteration. We wanted to explore different ways to solve the problems and to have different visions and opinions. Low fidelity mockups were also really helpful to make the feedback cycle faster.

Bringing users back to the process

Interviewing people, we got insights and could identify common patterns among wine consumers. As we designed some parts of the user journey, we brought users to talk, so we could understand their relationship with the brand while also showing a preview of the new website screens to them. We had the chance to meet and understand much more about different personas of Evino’s customers. They helped us to get clarity on the directions we could take.

  • User Interviews
  • Customer Surveys
  • User tests
  • Focus Groups results
  • Customer Data — Personas
Startaê Team user interviews for Evino project

The results

Diving deep into this process together with Evino, we gained knowledge to make it concrete from a design perspective. Here, a few results that we’re glad to be part of.

Evino Screen Mockups
More Evino Screen Mockups
Even More Evino Screen Mockups

Evino Moments. The most user-friendly wine discovery experience

Choosing a good wine should be easy and fun. We figured out a huge relationship between occasions and the wine choosing process. People already buy wine by price, country or type of grape. We wanted to expand this in a more enjoyable and less technical way.

People are used to choosing music playlists according to mood. Why couldn’t we bring these moments to the wine catalog?

One More Evino Screen Mockups
One More Evino Screen Mockups

Intuitive Navigation

Having noticed the several ways that people search for wine, we designed the catalog interface taking advantage of a smart combination of filters. The cart and checkout processes were also simplified towards an easy and smooth experience. In the user account area, we simplified the settings and preferences.

Expert reviews

People rely a lot on recommendations when choosing wine. Evino has wine experts, sommeliers that are in charge of curating great wines, writing reviews and tips about harmonization. Each product page displays additional information from the sommelier’s review.

UI Style Guide

At the final stage of this journey with Evino, we delivered a detailed and comprehensive UI Style Guide, where it would help all designers and developers during the implementation and also on new iterations that the product certainly will have.

Startaê team working on Evino styleguide

Apple’s Best of 2016 Apps of The Year

There’s one more thing. As a result of the awesome work we put together with Evino’s team, the app was awarded as one the Best of 2016 Apps of The Year of the App Store. A recognition of the great work of Evino’s team and our relationship. We’re proud to be part of this!

Evino won app of the year 2016

Design is never done

Like the product, the team should also grow. We believe digital products are living organisms that are constantly evolving. It was time for Evino to build their own design team, and we supported them on this transition. Since then, their team has been doing an amazing job on evolving the product constantly.

Remote (really) works!

We love to work with awesome people no matter where they are located. Good communication was a key to success of the project. We worked closely, keeping their team in the loop daily. We also went to Evino’s Headquarters a few times. We believe that these in person moments help making the relationship stronger and closer.

Evino won app of the year 2016

The Makers

Startaê Team

Flavio Ludgero, Victoria Haidamus, Mario Gogh, Rafael Torales, Renato Contaifer, Renato Carvalho

Evino Team

  • Management: Marcos Leal, Luis-Daniel Alegria, David Pereira
  • Design: Juscieldo (Lavi) Santos, Wellington Tavares, Ana Lucia Pires
  • Frontend: Erick Pereira da Silva, Murilo Prestes, Matheus Marsiglio, Victor Gutierre
  • Backend: Leonardo Siqueira, Eduardo Costa Nicioli, Airton Liborio, Thiago Pagotto, Danilo Albuquerque, Ariana Kataoka, Fernando Alexandre, Murillo Peixoto
  • Apps: Victor Brittes, Yago (Nodo), Andre (Nodo)• QA: Julio de Lima, Lucas Carvalho Silva, Leandro Muto