Hi! We are Startaê, an on demand user experience design team for Startups. Since 2012, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs, companies and startups build digital products that positively impact people’s lives.

This has been a year of big changes for us. One that you have probably already noticed is the complete redesign of our website. And of course, our blog couldn’t be left behind.

Many other things happened this year. We definitely stepped out of our comfort zone and decided this was the year to make things happen. New makers have joined the team, we have a brand new office in Brasilia and we are now expanding to San Francisco, CA so we can work very closely with our clients from Silicon Valley. Don’t worry, we will explain most of those changes in more details in the following posts. The most important message now is: Hey, our blog is back! :)

What can you expect from now on? Our posts will be written by our makers and will be posted here and in our Medium publication once every other week. We will be sharing the lessons learned from starting a business, managing teams and projects remotely, workflows, tools and definitely, we’ll be talking about design and technology, the subjects we are most passionate about.

This blog is a great connection between you on the other side of the screen and us, so leave a feedback whenever you feel like doing it. You can also find us at Facebook, Twitter or just say hi@startae.com.

We hope to see you here often. Let’s get started?